City of Farrell, Mercer County, Pennsylvania


Promote a clean and safe environment through education, inspection and enforcement related to ordinances, zoning, junk vehicles, weeds & substandard structures and to be actively involved in the neighborhoods and commercial districts of our city to address issues regarding health, safety, and property maintenance.


Rental License Ordinance
  • Please note the 2013 applications will be mailed out in the beginning of March.
  • Important Notice: Rental License fee for 2013 is $40 per dwelling unit and must be paid with application by May 15th to avoid penalty.

Remember, it’s everyone’s job to promote a clean and safe city! Help us help you by reporting the following, or just to ask us a question.

  • Public Nuisance/Unsafe Structures
  • Junked Vehicles
  • High grass and weeds
  • Graffiti
  • Illegal Dumping/garbage build-up
  • Dogs neglected/abandoned or running loose
  • Property Maintenance Issues
  • Non-licensed rental property
  • Zoning

Contact: 724-983-2708 or Email: USEFUL LINKS

Information regarding building permits, forms, and fee schedules for the City of Farrell are available online at:

Contact Code Enforcement

Office Address:
500 Roemer Blvd.
Farrell, Pa 16121

Mailing Address:
Attention: Code Enforcement
500 Roemer Blvd.
Farrell, Pa 16121

Important Numbers:
Main: (724)983-2708
Fax: (724) 983-2708

In a effort to ensure continued excellence in customer service to our residents, contact:

Mark Yerskey (Department Head, Health & Code) 724-983-2708


Michael Ceci (City Manager) 724-983-2702

City of Farrell, Pennsylvania
500 Roemer Boulevard, Farrell, PA 16121
phone: (724) 983-2703 fax: (724) 983-2719