City of Farrell, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Farrell Strategic Planning & Economic Development Board

Farrell: A City with a 20/20 Vision

Mission Statement
“Forging Farrell’s Future”

Vision Statement
Farrell: The City with the "right sized" balance of urban and small town environment.

“The Farrell Pride“ We Care About Our:

  • P eople
  • R esponsibility
  • I mage
  • D evelopment
  • E xpectations


Principle 1
A safe, clean, vibrant, green, inviting and hospitable living community with an educated, friendly and diverse population who have pride in and take responsibility for their families, neighbors and school system.

GOAL 1: The City of Farrell has finally become “blight free”. Through volunteer efforts, an aggressive demolition program and various beautification projects, we have fulfilled our vision of a safe, clean, vibrant, green, inviting and hospitable living community.

Principle 2
A City with a transparent, accountable and efficient government providing the necessary services to all its citizens and possessing an effective communication system for activities and events.

GOAL 2: Enhance communication to the community.
GOAL 3: Effective budgeting process.
GOAL 4: A streamline collaborate government.

Principle 3
A City which embraces, markets and supports the family with ample activities and events for all ages.

GOAL 5: The emphasis on family values is now a priority within the community. Support programs that address delinquencies, teenage pregnancies, adult learning and parental training are easily accessible and are promoted in the community calendar of events and activities distributed throughout the city, churches, organizations, and various groups.

Principle 4
A City with justifiable pride in its diverse culture and heritage which encourages and promotes development of individual talents and excellence in all activities.

GOAL 6: Veterans Square, the public library, social clubs and the school district have become centers for hosting multi-cultural, seasonal events promoting a culturally rich and diverse community with an emphasis on family activities and fine arts.

Principle 5
A City of citizens with the pride of community to be actively engaged on a daily basis in community revitalization, restoration and development.

GOAL 7: ZERO blighted housing.
GOAL 8: Develop a city park suitable for various activities as well as utilizing Veterans Square.
GOAL 9: Develop bike/jog trail along the river.
GOAL 10: Plans for building.

Principle 6
A community which markets and supports opportunities for small businesses.

GOAL 11: Signage everywhere: “Business is our Business” or “Farrell is a business friendly community”.
GOAL 12: A small business center (a resource center) or a small business alliance with funding sources.
GOAL 13: A Small Business Incubator.
GOAL 14: Diverse businesses built to capitalize on and foster diversity.
GOAL 15: A 20% increase in businesses, a population increase of 2,000, a heavily trafficked city and a city well lit and full of night time business activities.

Principle 7
A City open to the concept of "consolidation" for the opportunities, efficiencies and enhancements it could bring.

GOAL 16: The endless meetings and planning sessions leading to a consolidation have finally resulted in “Newcity,” a community consisting of Farrell, Sharon and Wheatland. Although the vote in each municipality was not overwhelmingly in favor of consolidation, the majority of residents supported the creation of “Newcity.” Overcoming all the obstacles in creating a consolidated community, the new government is in place and residents, while not forgetting what they were before consolidation (Farrell, Sharon or Wheatland residents) are embracing “Newcity.”

City of Farrell, Pennsylvania
500 Roemer Boulevard, Farrell, PA 16121
phone: (724) 983-2703 fax: (724) 983-2719