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City of Farrell Municipal Building
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 4:30
Sat - Sun: Closed
Phone: (724) 983-2703
500 Roemer Boulevard Farrell, PA 16121

City of Farrell

City of Farrell Municipal Building
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 4:30
Sat - Sun: Closed
Phone: (724) 983-2703
500 Roemer Boulevard Farrell, PA 16121

Health, Code & Zoning

Health, Code & Zoning Officer
Mark Yerskey
500 Roemer Boulevard
Farrell, PA 16121
Phone: 724-983-2708
Fax: 724-398-1827

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a clean and safe environment through education, inspections and enforcement related to ordinances, zoning, junk vehicles, weeds & substandard structures and to be actively involved in the neighborhoods and commercial districts of our city to address issues regarding health, safety, and property maintenance.

Remember, it’s everyone’s job to promote a clean and safe city! Help us help you by reporting the following, or just to ask us a question.

  • Public Nuisance/Unsafe Structures
  • Junk Vehicles
  • High grass and weeds
  • Graffiti
  • Illegal Dumping/garbage build-up
  • Dogs neglected/abandoned or running loose
  • Property Maintenance Issues
  • Non-licensed rental property
  • Zoning
Administrative Office
500 Roemer Boulevard, Farrell, PA 16121
(724) 983-2703
Jon Laird, Assistant Code & Zoning Officer
500 Roemer Bouelvard
Farrell, PA 16121
Phone: 724-983-2703 ext 106
Fax: 724-398-1827

Zoning is intended for the following purposes:

  • To promote health, safety, and general welfare and to protect the public from the adverse secondary effects of various land uses and development
  • To promote coordinated, orderly, harmonious, and practical community development
  • To discourage the intermixture of incompatible land uses and, where such inter-mixture may be beneficial or where zoning district boundaries present transitions between incompatible uses, to control impacts of incompatible uses
  • To lessen congestion and promote public safety and convenience on roads and highways
  • To secure safety from fire, panic, pollution hazards, and other dangers
  • To provide adequate light and air
  • To prevent the overcrowding of land
  • To avoid undue congestion of population
  • To facilitate the adequate provision of housing, commercial and industrial development, transportation, water, sewers, schools, parks, and other public requirements
  • To establish reasonable standards to which buildings and development shall conform
  • To protect and enhance the value of land

Health, Code & Zoning FAQ’S

I just moved into my house, how do I get garbage service?
Contact Tri-County Industries at 724-662-2510 or 724-748-4705.



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